March 1, 2021 8-9pm EST

Designed for conscious, committed, people
who are ready to set themselves free.


Every person is born with intuition, an internal compass that guides you to exactly where you need to be in order to live a life full of meaning, joy, and freedom. Although you are born with this GPS inside your soul, science has shown that in order for us to access our intuitive clarity…it must be Activated.

This Global Online Event is for People who say YES to at least two of the following statements:

  • You feel like there is something bigger for you to accomplish but you just can’t get clear on what that specifically is.
  • You feel lost – and you lack direction on what it would look like to live a lit up, authentic, fully expressed life.
  • You are someone who feels an inner intuitive calling but fear financial instability if you “follow your heart”.
  • You feel unsupported by family and can’t really share your dreams and goals with them even though they care about you deeply.
  • You have been hurt too many times in the past, and now you don’t fully trust yourself to listen to your “intuition”.
  • You feel undervalued at work or at home and long for people to get and appreciate you and you do not know how to evoke that in them.

You are ready to…

  • Get into your “flow” by doing what you love and getting paid to do it so that you can leave your unfulfilling job.
  • Get crystal clear on your vision and mission so that you can help others and leave an impactful footprint on this great earth.
  • Ignite more passion and love into your life so that you can feel excited and sexy because you are loved, cherished, and honored.
  • Belong to a group of like-minded others who also want to take their lives to the next level so that you can feel a sense of tribe and community.

If you have answers YES to two or more of these…
then the Clarity Advantage is for you!

In this 1-hour master class you will discover,
and practice, the 3 Keys to The Clarity Advantage:

KEY #1 → Activate Your Intuition

so that you can access your deep well of wisdom and “inner compass” to get clear on your next steps towards freedom

KEY #2 → Access What Has Been Unconsciously Holding You Back

so you can slay it once and for all by letting go of self-judgment and fear

KEY #3 → Meet Your Fabulous Future Self

in a quantum experience to receive the guidance to a life filled with joy and peace

The tools from this 1-hour webinar come from a Stanford University master’s degree course developed in 1979 based on mindfulness and emotional intelligence to elevate human potential

See what other people are saying who have used the Clarity Advantage with Jennifer Grace as their guide…

“The Clarity Advantage with Jennifer Grace came at the perfect time in my life. I had been searching for some clarity on my life purpose. After learning the tools, I got so much better at listening to my gut, my voice of wisdom (shutting down the loud voices) and through that the confidence to know what I should do and create a life outside the box. I have now created my own dream job and work from home. I have never felt more free!” –Catherine Jones

“I was looking for greater clarity around growing my business in a way that felt authentic and was still able to support my life in the process. I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to align the two as they sometimes felt like conflicting goals. After the class I was able to take a more practical approach of going back to corporate work on my own terms, which is giving me the stability financially to feel secure while I continue to grow my skill set as well as my own business. I am learning how my intuition can be a big piece of the puzzle and added value to my other strong skill sets, and that the “big picture” is ever evolving.” – Toni Neapolitan

“I came to this master class because I needed something to help reduce the fog in my mind and seek to receive guidance for my health, career, and life. I felt a bit lost and was looking for more help in addition to talk therapy. With Jennifer Grace and this workshop, I found exactly what I was looking for. The fog has lifted and I have made the decision to go back to school and get my nursing degree…I feel so excited!” – Wen Ju

“I came to Jennifer Grace yearning for clarity on which direction I should take in terms of financial abundance and the direction of my current spa business.. After learning The Clarity Advantage, I got clear that my path is to help people and continue with my spa business.” – Debbie Zaminsky

“The Clarity Advantage provides an amazing, transformative map to help you get to know yourself and discover where your true fulfillment lies. Jennifer Grace is warm, inviting, relatable and really lives what she teaches, making for a truly valuable experience. Working with Jen is a must if you have a desire to find or just refine your path in life” – Jessica Gauri Avila

“This master class will teach you how to go within yourself without fear, in a supportive and loving environment. It doesn’t matter what your goals are (personal or business) or where you’re at, at this moment. You WILL learn life skills that can be applied throughout the realm of your personal Self-discovery journey” – Stacey Goldman Green